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The Page & Beard Team

The Page & Beard Team

Galen Page | Principal

Galen is a co-founder and principal architect at Page & Beard Architects, PS. Before attending the architecture program at Washington State University Galen took one year of study at Arizona Institute of Drafting, Design, & Engineering. This experience provided him with a comprehensive understanding of the field of architecture and engineering. While attending the Bachelor of Architecture program at WSU, Galen worked summers as an architectural intern for three design firms in Bellingham, Washington. His second semester of the fourth year in the architecture program was spent at the University of Copenhagen studying architectural design with students from around the world under the direction of the world renowned city planner and Danish architect Jahn Gehl and international architect and artist Ole Kortsu.

After graduating with honors from the architecture program he worked for five years drafting and designing both public and private projects before joining forces with Lee Beard to start Page & Beard Architects in 1990. He has carved out a niche in the public works sector designing over a dozen Utility Districts. Galen’s specialty is listening to the client and designing a building, whether it is a small remodel or a large Utility district, that fits the specific needs of the owner-occupier.

Brandt McCorkle | Architect

Brandt is a licensed architect working at Page & Beard Architects for 20 years. He began his career working for the Seattle firm of Waldron, Pomery, Smith, Foote and Aquira, participating in large institutional projects, including the U of W Hospital expansion, Hawthorne Elementary School, and Snohomish High School Stadium projects. Prior to Page & Beard, he worked with Galen Page and Lee Beard at Driftmier Architects, forming part of the core group responsible for all design and production work from 1987-1990, and remained through 1996.

After joining Page & Beard Architects in 1996 he began working with ArchiCAD and became the CADD department manager along with his other responsibilities. He has kept current as the software evolved, including the development of BIM (Building Information Modeling),  a 3-D modeling system for Architects and Engineers. With his degree in Construction Management, Brandt has specialized in the Contract Administration and Construction Observation Phases. He is also responsible for writing most of the technical specifications for the public works projects.

Jeff Kogut | Project Manager, Intern Architect

Jeff joined our team in September of 2017.  He came to us with expert knowledge in the residential market and immediately began designing, drawing and managing most residential projects in the office.   He is also our CAD manager and is working to fill the hours needed to take the Architecture exam and become a full-fledged Architect.

Annie Hilleary | Project Coordinator

Annie started working at Page & Beard while attending graduate school.  She has since graduated with a master’s degree in Sustainability and Environmental Management from the Harvard University Extension School. Her focus in school was sustainable design and construction.  She handles the day to day coordination of all jobs and consults on all green building projects.

Alice Ying | Intern Architect

Alice began her internship with Page & Beard in August 2021 after having had graduated from the University of Washington’s undergraduate Architectural Design program the year prior. She has since been progressively acquainting herself with the architectural process, mainly focusing on drafting and modeling. She is pursuing her architectural licensure with the help of gaining experience and hours at Page & Beard.

Alisha Okubo | Intern Architect

Alisha started working with Page & Beard in May 2022, after graduating from the University of Washington’s Architectural Design program in 2020. Prior to joining Page & Beard, she worked on mixed-use multifamily complexes in the Seattle area. Alisha is pursuing architectural licensure while working here at Page & Beard.

Charlotte Muschamp | Architect

Charlotte is a licensed architect and certified passive house designer working at Page & Beard Architects since 2018. Transferring from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand with a Track and Field Scholarship, Charlotte graduated from Washington State University in 2015 and started work in commercial high-rise, restaurant, and retail design in the city of Seattle before joining the Page & Beard team. Charlotte’s core work focus is residential projects with a passion and focus on building science, sustainability (goal carbon zero) and high-performance homes.

Robert C. Wilkanowski, AIA LEED AP | Architect

Robert joined our team on a freelance basis, working remotely from New York City, in March 2022. He is a licensed architect with 30 years of experience in residential, commercial, and higher education projects. He received his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Carnegie-Mellon University with university honors in 1987 and achieved LEED AP certification in 2009.